Shobhana U

IT, Velammal

This sponsorship program is helping us to learn coding, which is very important


ECE, BS Abdur Rahman

She takes care of making everyone good in coding, tries her best to make us understand every topic


ECE, Sri Venkateswara

A very knowledgeable person. Gives lot of motivation and support. Good Training program

Ashik Ahmed

ECE, Dhaanish Ahmed Engineering College

Way of teaching is really good. She is clarifying all the doubt in clear manner. The best program for my career


CSE, Panimalar Engineering College

Sponsorship program enhanced my knowledge in Coding. Thank you for providing this opportunity

Sathish Kumar

CSE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College

All the sessions are well planned by the programmer and she is clarifying all the doubts then & there


ECE, Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering

Taught me in an effective manner, repeated concepts every time when I haven’t understood


EEE, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College

This sponsorship program is so helpful for me in gaining practical knowledge

Geetha Rani

ECE, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College

This program is so useful for me as I am from ECE background. Learnt Coding in easy way


CSE, Tagore Engineering College

She is best in delivering the subject

Suganya Devi

CSE, RMK Engineering College

She is very dedicative in taking classes


ECE, Magna College of Engineering

Program is so good and easily understandable


ECE, PPG Institute of Technology

Being ECE student this program helped me in gaining coding knowledge. Thank you

Hari Kannan

EEE, Karpagam Institute of Technology

I like the way of explaining each and every topic with real time examples

Amit Anand

CSE, Jaya Engineering College

Way of approaching the students that is interaction with students is good.


IT, PB College of Engineering

The training is very much useful to me. Gives clear explanation about each topic

Mohamed Farook

ECE, Sethu Institute of Technology

Gauthami maam is interacting with everyone and her teaching is superb


EEE, Veltech Multitech Engineering College

Nice programmer. She taught us the subject in easy way and made us to understand the topics


CSE, Alpha Engineering

Teaching is very expressive. She is making the class the more interactive. THE BEST Program I came across

Sooraj Mathew

CSE, Saveetha Engineering

Excellent sponsorship program. This is very helpful for me. Request to sponsor other prorams also


ECE, SMK Fomra Institute

This free sponsorship program helped me learn coding very easily even though I am from ECE Dept


ECE, Bannari Amman

The programmer is very good. She involved us in every topic, so it became easy for us to understand

Devaki Reddy

IT, RMK Engineering College

She is teaching in a easy way where we can understand every program technique by heart

Tony Mathews

ECE, Panimalar Engineering

She teaches to the point, clears every question with patience.clears every question with patience.

Maria Jesithra

Instrumentation, DMI College of Engineering

Good environment to acquire coding knowledge from the scratch. I know how to code now


CSE, National Engineering College

Because of this program, I am able to improve my coding skills, which are zero before this

Nithya Devi

EEE, Jeppiaar Engineering College

She is giving lot of information about the coding. This is very helpful for my career


EEE, Jeppiaar Engineering College

Programmer is taking the class in a lively way. Thanking you for these free coding classes

Anamika Soni

ECE, SRM University

Training is well from my side bcz am nt good in programming earlier. Now I am confident enough to do coding

Vijaya Lakshmi

CSE, SSN Engineering

Good teaching. Patiently responds to all of us whenever we ask doubts, even though they are repeated

Vignesh Raja

Mech, Tagore Engineering

She clarifying all doubts during teaching and again & again for guys like me who are new to programming

Sathya Priya

ECE, Maamallan Institute of Technology

Was taking classes very well along with practical examples to enhance my coding knowledge

Pooja Narayanan

CSE, College of Engineering

I feel very comfortable with her training. Very kind person and helping me by clarifying the doubts

Priyanka R

CSE, SRM University

Great atmosphere and able to know how to approach to solve the complex problems while coding

Shalini Sivaraman

CSE, Anna University

I am glad to attend this sponsorship program. It is very useful to develop my coding skills. Thank you Gloria Maam


EEE, Sastra University

She is taking classes with real time examples. So it is very easy to understand how to code in real time

Sivan Kumar

CSE, College of Engineering

I learnt more coding here within the past 2 months rather than the whole 4 years in Engineering


ECE, TJS Engineering

The programmer way of explaining about how to do coding with small small examples is amazing way to learn

Mahendran Kumar

ECE, TJS Engineering

Very good. Explaining all the topics with examples. Excellent interaction with students while coding. Thank you

Gowri Shankar

EEE, KGiSL Institute

Very useful, I have learnt a lot about coding through this program. Thank you for this opportunity

Rashmi Venugopal

ECE, RMD Engineering

She is a friendly person to teach, not like a teacher. So easy to ask more questions in class


ECE, RMD Engineering

Awesome. Very good at explaining all the topics in detailed way. Gowthami Maam, you are THE BEST

Akhilesh Nair

CSE, Sathyabhama University

Before I am not familiar with coding. Now I have very good idea about how to write coding

Vignesh Kumar

CSE, Jaya Engineering

I am gaining good coding skills in structured manner. She is training us with real time examples

Nimmy David

ECE, Jeppiaar Engineering

I have learned lot about OOPS concept and Application development. Very good initiative by the Company

Rajasekaran S

IT, PSNA College of Engineering

She is helping us to learn coding in an easy manner with live examples. VERY GOOD

Raj Prasanth

Instrumentation, Veltech Multitech

Had a very good session for the past 2 months. Gained good knowledge on how to write code


Mech, Easwari College of Engineering

Improving my programming skills. She is giving more ideas and logics to improve my coding. Never expected this from Company

Vedha Vidya

ECE, Valliammai Engg

Clear explanation about all the topics. She is spending extra time for clearing my doubts. Thanks


ECE, JJ College of Engineering

Good training with practical programs. Helping me to improve my programming

Surya Narayanan

IT, Karpagam Unviersity

Giving in depth explanation about a topic and also creating interest towards class by giving real time examples


IT, Karpagam University

Really a useful sponsorship program for me. Helped me a lot in gaining programmatic knowledge

Daniel Vijay

IT, Karpagam University

She gives us the best real time examples for all the programs, by which we are getting more interest in coding


ECE, Meenakshi Engg

Good Program. She always used to take the session interactively. Nice way of involving us in the program


EEE, Agni College of Technology

Gained more practical knowledge here which I am sure is going to help me. Really effective

Amitesh Varma

CSE, Saveetha Engineering

Whatever the topic she covered is very easy for me to understand. Good sponsorship program

Kalai Selvi

CSE, Anna University

Her way of teaching is excellent, giving a real time examples for every topic is her brilliance

Muruga Venkatesh

ECE, KCG College of Technology

I have improved a lot in coding within the past 2 months. Thank you for this opportunity

Madan Kumar

ECE, Hindustan Engineering

Got better understanding about how to code after this program, as the sessions here are more practical oriented

Nirav Jain

ECE, MNM Jain Engineering

Well knowledged, very effective in solving queries regarding coding, good teaching skills and above all, patience. Thank u

Raakesh Krishna

CSE, Asan Memorial College

She is fabulous in explaining how to code. This sponsorship offer made me good in coding